About Us

Our Story

Our story is simple. We are a community where Jesus transforms lives. We really believe that as people trust Jesus, He will begin to transform them for the better. They will be shaped by the Kingdom of Heaven rather than the kingdom of the world. We believe this, in part, because we’ve seen it happen over and over again since 1906.

 We are proud of our long history of seeing lives transformed in downtown Monroe and we would love to share story after story with you. But, we are even more excited about what is happening right now! People are trusting Jesus with their lives. We are baptizing new believers. We are witnessing physical healings. The transformation of lives continues!

 But, what about you? What’s your story? We’d love to hear about what Jesus is doing in your life. Feel free to contact us to share your story or to ask us more about ours.


Pastor Justin Barksdale is our lead pastor. He and his wife, Shannon have been married since July 2000. They have two children, Caden and Sophia. They have lived in Monroe since 2008 and love the community. Justin enjoys reading, baseball (Go Mariners!) and spending quality time with his family.

Pastor Noe Huerta is our associate pastor. He & his wife, Yeni and three children live in Monroe.